World class evidence-based competition preparation services for world class outcomes.

We pride ourselves on bringing a high conditioning standard to the stage, employing a holistic approach ensuring health is not compromised during the preparation. 

Our competition preparation coaching package is the most comprehensive coaching package we offer. Your coach will guide you through every aspect of your preparation from training/nutrition to recommending stage attire and category selection.

A successful off season is crucial to ensure successful stage outcomes. Our off-season coaching is completely customised to your needs.

Both training and nutrition are directed synergistically for best outcomes in terms of maximising muscle gain, correcting asymmetry and ensuring an optimal status of metabolic health in prior for your competition preparation.

Have your Training OR Nutrition formulated and adjusted to you weekly. This is for those who would like to separate both coaching modalities, but would still like a completely customised approach for best outcomes.

I have been a part of this amazing team for about a year and loved every moment working with Team BK. I competed in season A, taking out 13 of the categories I had entered with 2 overall show wins and also received my Pro card at the City Nationals in Sydney. We had a total of 44 weeks of competition prep in total and honestly it was an amazing and life changing experience! Brandon has not only got me into the best condition of my life but also educated me during the whole comp process in regard to training, diet and also bodily processes as we got closer to showtime. Uncertainty was a massive worry in my prep and honestly Brandon made it all work, as the weeks progressed I started to settle as I got closer to show time. The best thing I learnt with Brandon was that ‘you have to trust in the process’ and it will all come together. The weekly check ins were so thorough and if I was unsure it was always nice to get such an in-depth answer. Honestly it is like I was catching up with a doctor each week! Just so professional, a true gentleman and so passionate about the sport and it certainly rubbed off on to me during the prep! I love bodybuilding so much and I will continue to do it for the rest of my days, it has taught me to create structure in my life, to always be prepared for anything, determination, how to stay mentally strong, drive, gratitude, to never give up even when it gets hard and lastly to surround yourself with a good support network and people who have similar goals or ambitions! That’s why I appreciate all that Brandon has done!

Anthony Patrizi - ICN Pro Bodybuilder

Brandon Kempter