Brandon Kempter

Brandon Kempter is the founder of BK conditioning and life time Natural Body Builder. He holds an MSc degree in Sports Nutrition Science and has competed successfully in body building across multiple federations since a teenager, earning his Pro card in 2016 and competing internationally.

He has worked in the fitness industry since 2012 and has successfully coached natural athletes from amateur to pro international level. 

Brandon would be best described as a perfectionist with a passion for the science and application of evidence based nutrition and training specific to body composition manipulation. He is extremely outcome orientated and is committed to getting the best results for his clients through the application of well strategised methodology and creating quality relationships.

Daniel Chapelle

Daniel Chapelle (DC) is a comp prep specialist & has worked in the fitness industry since 2010. In addition, he is a lifetime natural bodybuilder & holds an ICN PRo card, having won the overalls at the 2021 QLD championships. 

DC holds two degrees in Exercise Physiology, as well as professional accreditation with ESSA as an Exercise Scientist & Exercise Physiologist. Additionally, he is also openly accredited as a Sports Nutritionist with SNA.

DC provides state of the art coaching for physique athletes, with a reputation for his world class coaching methodologies, developed through years of refining this craft & applying an evidence-based approach.

“Working with Daniel from BK Conditioning has been an absolute pleasure! Leading into my shows last year, he was a great source of information and always there to lend his advice and an extra set of eyes. Moving into the off-season, we have worked well together and he has provided me with exceptional coaching, always available when I need him! He has always worked around any issues that I may have in and out of body building! I’m more than excited to have him steer the ship as I move into my next contest prep! I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone who would like to begin their body building journey, or for those who are keen to take that extra step and be in contention against the very best!”

Nicholas James - ICN Pro Bodybuilder